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We offer free support via email to all Disk Monitor customers, regardless of whether you're a paid customer or just evaluating our trial versions. We also welcome any kind of feedback about our web site, our products or any future developments that you may want to see.

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For technical support please first check our Frequently Asked Questions area below, if your question isn't covered please email us directly : support@diskmonitor.net . We will strive to reply as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. The UNC path I am entering brings up error 'Invalid drive or pathname'.
Make sure that you start your UNC path with double backslash ( eg : \\server\share )

2. The changes I've put on a drive don't seem to be working.
If you are changing rules on a single or multiple drives you must make sure that those drives are highlighted first. Either single click on a drive or hold down the 'ctrl' key and click on all the drives that you want your changes to affect.

3. Disk Monitor Pro doesn't automatically run when my PC is switch on but the 'Run on windows startup' is checked.
If you would like Disk Monitor Pro to run automatically on startup (which is highly recommended to prevent people from forgetting to run it) you must have the program installed locally on your PC. It will not run automatically from a USB or networked drive.

4. My emails are not coming through and the 'Test' email doesn't work either.
When filling in the email details please make sure that all of the settings are correct (you may have to contact your email provider for SMTP details). Due to the complexity of many people different email settings you may have to send us a screen shot of your current setup so that we can spot any problems (this of course is part of your purchase as you you receive 12 months email support).

5. My generated HTML page isn't displaying properly.
Make sure that in the 'HTML Ouput' section that each field points to the correct page and that they are spelt correctly (including any capital letters) :

Target HTML   =   eg :  C:\Program Files\Disk Monitor Pro\HTML Template Files\DiskMonitor.htm

Body HTML   =   eg :  C:\Program Files\Disk Monitor Pro\HTML Template Files\Template.htm

Header HTML   =   eg :  C:\Program Files\Disk Monitor Pro\HTML Template Files\Header.htm

Footer HTML   =   eg :  C:\Program Files\Disk Monitor Pro\HTML Template Files\Footer.htm

NOTE : The 'Target' HTML page can be anything you like but you MUST remember to hit the 'Generate' button for it to be created.

Works with :

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 2000 Server

Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2008 Server

Support :

You can contact us at any time through one of these addresses: